I write tunes and songs within the Folk type genre all the time. These are played in every outfit I go out with. I am working on a tune book – have been for years. It’s yet another thing to do when I manage to get done all the other things I do. My most popular dance tunes are Tanteeka, De Montford and Grommit.

I also take traditional material and play around with it … ooops! Naughty girl! However, some of those naughty re-writes turn out to be very popular, e.g. Female Smuggler and Betsy Walton.

But my composition skills are much wider than that. Whilst the influence of traditional music can always be heard in my work, the end results of my larger compositions are much broader. I have had a couple of opportunities to perform pieces live and they involve me singing and playing live, using a loop and playing to a backing track I have created myself. There aren’t many platforms for this type of work and none of it has been formally recorded.

Also, I am commissioned (as with the Sa Fire project) to write and these commissions can be done to fit specific briefs. I love doing this; it stretches me musically and technologically as I learn to manipulate sound to create the effect I want. The songs that I get commissioned to do also cross musical genres, and the latest one, called Sa Fire, is one of those. I am hoping to get it recorded (or a version of it, anyway) soon.

So if you want music for a new play or show, both instrumental and choral, I’m your gal. I am told I write ‘memorable’ tunes, so I may be just what you need, albeit in my own quirky way.