Blowzabella at Halsway

I had a fabulous time at our festival. Brain child of Paul James who also master minded the smooth running of the event. From a musical point of view I enjoyed every minute of it. In the concert it was lovely to be in amongst our music and be able to listen too. It may or may not surprise you to know that you don't always hear everything especially when you're in the thick of a dance for instance. The Friday night I remember thinking several times ...oh that's really nice. There were some lovely intimate subtle moments as well as that well known Blowzabella 'Wall of Sound'. The Saturday we had an amazing dance workshop. Dave Shepherd is such an aficianado and really wants to share some of the lesser known but beautiful English dances with anyone that might be interested. I am so lucky to get access to that knowledge first hand and regularly. In this setting I am pretty much his humble assistant. It was great fun and I particularly enjoyed working out the Triple Minor...don't needed to have been there. We had another dance workshop later which was a crash course for beginners in the basics for joining in a Europeon style 'bal'. I take the lead on that as it's like falling off a log I have been doing it so long. All that dancing despite a knee injury that has left me with an inflamed ligament around the knee joint. I survived by not joining in any of the other dancing over the weekend. A lot of that was hard especially as we had wonderful guest Toon and Pascale of Naragonia. They make a beautiful sound as a duo and I would have loved to have danced. I was told by my physic today that I was right not too.