Hopeless at times

Whilst I am incredible good organisationally sometimes updating everything that needs updating seems to be the last thing you have time for and yet I know full well that if you don't do it it doesn't work.

This year has been full on and we're only in April. Blowzabella have a new Cd and book out to celebrate 40 years. We have loads of gigs here and abroad spread out over the year and we are really enjoying the response to the new material. In the middle of all that I was administrating my 'Young Composers Project' this is through an organisation I run called Komposit. We had four young composers, all completely different in terms of musical style, and they worked with a fixed ensemble of professional musician also from different genres of music. The aim was to create a surprise for all, aid communication, see things move in unexpected directions and more. I will tell you more about this as we have to finish mixing and mastering their pieces. Once done we want to share the project with the world and begin the work towards a new workshop series. I don't get to play at all in this but I love seeing the impact such unusual ways of working have on people...that's both the young composers and the musicians in the ensemble. They were facilitated by myself and the wonderful Annie Whitehead.

Narthen - (Barry Coope, Lester Simpson, Fi Fraser and yours truly - just in case you're not used to the name yet) are no longer just for Christmas now Coope Boyes ands Simpson have ceased trading we, Narthen, are working on a new Cd. Official release September with some advance copies available from August.Wonderful mixed bag of material including songs from Lester Simpson and myself, Rory McLeod, Ray Hearn, John Tams and more.

Moirai are building up to Upton festival with several performances there....then a mini tour in June. We are already looking ahead to album three...never too early to start planning. Less festivals this year but that is not surprising as we did so many last year and I am very busy with other bands.