How did it get to September

I cannot believe we are here already. It was lovely to do less this time over the summer as five weeks solid last year was exhausting but in many ways the busy times just move elsewhere so now I have an extremely busy Autumn. You can see what's in the gig calendar but what you can't see is what happens in-between. Obviously there's rehearsing, practicing and creating but additionally there are projects too. I worked last year on a project called 'Illuminate' which is a build up to the Pilgrim Fathers massive anniversary in 2020. Last year I wrote a song through workshops in schools and then we rehearsed it up and performed it at an event in Boston Lincolnshire. This year the track is being recorded professionally which means myself, and Neil and Jude from Chumbawamba are creating a backing track which will then have the voices of some of the schools and adults involved added to it. 500 will be run off on CD to keep a permanent record of work and to distribute to other similar Pilgrim fathers projects throughout the country. In addition to moving that project forward and being involved in it's performance date in November I have been asked to create a new song through my participative workshops with a community in North Kesteven. What will happen is I will be sent the history of the area that we are trying to commemorate and celebrate in the song, I will highlight the main themes in the history for use in workshops in schools and with adults. From those initial writing workshops I will massage all the work into one piece and create a tune for it. This is for a celebration in December. So if you marry up juggling all the different workshops and performances, the concerts with my other projects and the fact that Moirai are making a new CD in November you'll realise that things are actually a lot busier than the gig calendar makes it appear. I try not to look to far ahead as it scares me sometimes. 
A couple of tunes that have been very well received have come out of work so far this year. Here's one of them 'Muna and Mimi'.