I have always enjoyed learning and here I am finding my way round my new web site that the wonderful Jude Abbott has re-done for me. Hope you like it. I do.
yesterday I learnt a couple of chords on the ukulele, not because I'm planning on taking one up as an additional instrument, but because I had some youngsters on a summer school who wanted to play, had had some lessons at school, but couldn't remember the chords. Summer schools like that also involve tuning guitars, cello's etc and it often surprises me that I know how to do that and can do it with relative confidence. I like to be challenged.
Last year over August and beyond I worked for five weeks non stop. This year I have readdressed the balance some what by taking a weeks holiday in July and two weeks holiday in August. Then it's back into work. Folk East with Blowzabella, Shrewsbury with Moltonambra and Halsway Folk Summer School. That then takes us into the beginning of Septemeber and there's a lot of prep to do for forthcoming Cd's. More about that later.