Moirai and More

Delighted to say that this month has a week tour with Moirai. Whilst we will feature material from our CD 'Sideways' We're starting to look at material for CD number two and to develop our repertoire for Euro Celidhs just to add another string to our bow. We made a lot of new friends over the last year so it will be great to meet you again and to make some new friends too. Check the gig page for dates and I hope there's one near you. March starts with a Token Women gig for Stroud Celidhs. This is a rare event in that the band don't get to play together much these days but when we do we have a remarkable effect on the audience. Even amongst the band you get those moments of wow, I enjoyed that and it seems to communicate to the dancers. So last time we played we got cheers after all most every number and that doesn't happen at Celidhs that often. So as you can probably tell I am really looking forward to that. Then further in to March it's Blowzabella time. Two days of workshops that bookend our European tour. The workshops will include some instrument ones, dance workshops and orchestra type workshops too. All great fun and culminating in a bal in the evening. The final one is in Berlin and I have to go straight to a hotel at the airport for a tiny bit of sleep before getting on a 6.30 am flight back to the uk (via Brussels). Yep I have a 2pm gig on that Sunday in The Lowry, Manchester. WHO'S IDEA WAS THAT? It just happened, these things do. It's our lates show with Michael Morpurgo called 'where my Wellies Went' with Coope Boyes and Simpson, myself, Fi Fraser and Georgina Boyes singing. We are colectively known as 'Voices at the Door'. So if you ever see that name anywhere that's what it means.