New Year

Happy New year one and all. I always feel excited about a new year but then I'm excited about most things. 

Musically things start off with a Blowzabella rehearsal weekend and a small gig in the village of Baltonsborough. We are working towards our next Cd as it takes time to get these things together especially when you don't all live i the samw country. It's always a great thing to do and I am looking forward to it. We have several gigs throughout the year so do look at the Blowzabella web site. We are touring in March Belgium, Germanya nd Austria as well as various UK dates and festivals so we look forward to seeing you there. 

January also sees The Old Swan Band weekend at Halsway. Loads of cracking tunes, sessions and dancing and as of today practically sold out so that's always great. See some of you there I hope. 

This is followed hot on the heels with a Moirai reheasal We are also woeking towards out next album and also to devloping a dance repertoire as we have been asked to play for some euro ceilidhs whihc we are also really looking forward to. 

A very very special mention should be that Token Women - yes we still exist - are playing for stroud ceilidhs on 5th March. It's not in the Subscription rooms as they decided to take another booking but look up Stroud Ceilidhs and they should tell you where it is. Arare outing and we still have such a wonderful effect on audiences as there really isn't a sound quite like it...but I guess that goes for everything I play in. 

The Michael Morpurgo show "Where my Wellies Went' has performnaces in March and June and others dotted about the year...and yes dare I say, next years Christmas shows are booking now Sorry to say the C word. 

Keep an eye on the gig page for details (I know there hasn't been much on it for a while I am updating it a wee bit this morning and also don't forget to sent a message if you want to join my emailing list for a news letter. More soon. Happy NewYear. Jo.