New year approaching.

With the new year fast approaching I hope your positives have been as lovely as mine. Since being ill 3 years ago it has taken until this Autumn for my work to build to the level it was before. I had an incredibly busy time with two community projects plus my Moirai recordings, gigs and then the lovely Christmas shows. 
The new year kicks off with a new tradition. We can call it that as it is now the third year running. Blowzabella meet in Somerset to rehearse new material and do a lovely gig in the village hall. There are still tickets available so come if you can Saturday 7th Jan. Most of us don't have enough dancing in our lives so start the new year with a bang. 

I'm having a lovely little break in Venice and next week will be finished by a Blowzabella rehearsal weekend and gig. So all in all good times. The gig is in Baltonsborough Somerset. Come if you can. 
Lovely to see you there.