Life in the fast lane continues. Blowzabella have had a fantastic time so far this year and we are winding down a little now. Paul James has done an amazing job sorting gigs for the band and doing behind the scenes admin that amounts to mountain loads. We have just done a six date Welsh and English tour and this weekend, 5th Oct we are off to Falkiri Festival in Le Mans France. After that we have Hamburg next weekend. Loads of travelling is not always good for general fitness or the waist line so now that things are claiming down slightly I am determined to get my exercise regime back on track. I don't beat myself up about it but view every day as a new day and have a go. Mostly for me that's swimming but fitting that in can prove difficult.

So the focus shifts - whilst still working through the Autumn with Blowzabella, Old Swan Band, Moiria and Narthan some focus has to be on next year in terms of getting concerts for artists on www.haremusic.agency which is basically me but also developing material for a new show and new CD with Moirai. We're not ready to announce that yet as we are all involved in background reading before the creative part happens. I love getting my teeth into that kind of thing.

I'm doing pretty well keeping up on my weekly blog www.jofreya.blog you can sign up to be notified of future posts. What's nice about it is often the gigs etc create a memory and that forms the blog. Latest one is about my number one fan who gave me money years ago...have a look.