Aah … the band I have been in since I was 14. Still nothing to beat it, really. The driving fiddles are provided by Fi Fraser (my sister), Paul Burgess and Flos Headford. I am joined up the brass end by Neil Gledhill on bass sax and John Adams on trombone. Then, driving the rhythm, we have Heather Horsley on piano and Martin Brinsford on drums.?

This band made 3 albums in the 1970s… and then nothing for a very long while. More recently we have Swan Upmanship and the latest, Swan For The Money. This is driving, joyful dance music and it’s hardly surprising that the reviews say ‘They’ve still got it’, as it never left us.?

It’s an impressive sound and an impressive size … an 8 piece that gets those dancers' feet lifting off the floor. This band is an easy ride for me in the sense that it feels like home.