Multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer, and Artistic Director of the Nation Youth Folk Ensemble (2023-2026)

Jo Freya is one of my favourite singers. I believe her, if you know what I mean. She is true.”

— Linda Thompson


I am often described as the chameleon of Folk and mistress of reinvention. Why?  Because I play in many bands with completely different styles as well as composing to very diverse briefs. I’m a singer, saxophonist, clarinet and whistle-playing pianist… to start with!


Every year in the life of this musician is different. For health reasons I have had to take a back seat since June 2023, but from April this year 2024, I will be officially back in the fray. I am already rehearsing, composing, planning and much more. On this web site you'll see what kind of things I am and have been involved in, see what is booked into the diary coming up and generally get to know the variety of life that is that of the musician Jo Freya. 

I have a news letter that goes out a maximum of once a month, which you can subscribe to. Do feel free to be in contact and ask questions should you wish to.