Many of you will be aware that, due to the situation with COVID 19 most gigs this year are being cancelled, at least until the end of August and probably beyond.
We are trying to reset dates and some of these are being put in in good faith, e.g. entire festival rosters moving forward a year. Some are just saying they will reschedule but they don't know when.

As the dates come through we will add them. Any changes we will let you know.

Stay in touch and stay safe.


Previous events


Harmonia @ Musicport

 —  —


Harmonia are Jo Freya, Annie Whitehead, Jennifer Maidman, and Jo May. A last minute collaboration of 2019 has resulted in a re-booking and a name.


Narthen @ Musicport

 —  —



Narthen @ Saltburn Folk Festival

 —  —




Narthen @Sidmouth Folk Festival

Blackmore Gardens

This is a free event although numbers maybe limited.


Musicians’ Workshop Weekend - Halsway Manor

 —  —

Halsway Ln, , Crowcombe, Taunton, , Somerset TA4 4BD

“How the two halves meet” is the theme for this immersive weekend for musicians of an Intermediate level and above. Jo & Andy will draw on their considerable experience to demonstrate and explore with you how tune and accompaniment combine into exciting musical arrangements, using their own new compositions as source material for the weekend, in addition to some old favourites.


Jo Freya

Queer Online Folk Festival

In support of the "Queer Online Folk Festival" YouTube showcase  Jo has donated a video track which can be seen here . You can find the whole playlist here . The showcase was devised to improve the visibility of LGBTQ+ musicians and performers in the folk scene and to represent the welcoming and inclusive community that the UK folk scene is steadily becoming and has the potential to be.   If you'd like to find out more about QOFF, you can check out the 2021 event page or follow #QOFF on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Carol Concert

Bolton, Lancashire




Via Zoom

I am happy to say that Moirai will be doing a live zoom via 'Live to your living rooms' on Weds 2nd Dec. This is 2 days before my 60th birthday and probably the only chance I'll get to celebrate but what better way than with friends and music. So if you fancy a concert and want to wave at me, ask questions and support a musician out working with two other fabulous musicians then l'lI see you at the party x

Buy tickets here


Folk Weekend Oxford - CANCELLED

Via Zoom!