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Instrumental Ensemble Music Hall tunes  
Starts Feb 10th at 11am.
4 weeks one hour minimum.  

When I first started playing dance music for barn dances/ceildhs in the UK, 'Music Hall' tunes were part of the repertoire. These included some that would have had words and others that were just played as tunes. Many made good dance tunes, were a little bit different and great fun to play. From the Victorian era this link tells you about them and some titles too: . The other reason why these tunes were great was when it came to sessions, none players could join in singing the songs. Perhaps if there is interest at a later date I may do a course singing those songs too. Many of the singers and players on the English folk scene sang the songs including myself. In this link the first song he sings in full was sang many times in sessions I attended: . I will pick contrasting tunes. We will learn the basic tunes and I will offer suggestions for chords and at least one harmony. We will explore the potential together and build our own ensemble track of each tune. 
All instruments welcome.


Instrumental Ensemble Blowzabella 4
Tunes from 'Wall of Sound" 
Starts Feb 10th at 7pm.
4 weeks for one hour minimum. 

When I was asked to join Blowzabella this was the album they sent me and was my introduction to a more 'European' repertoire. I will select great tunes that we will play together looking at creating a fabulous feel. We will work to the strengths of whoever is in the ensemble creating our own arrangement. I will provide the tune, suggestion of chords and at least one counter melody/harmony but we, together, will decide what we use where. It is full of cracking tunes and here is just one example.

All instrumental courses are good fun and challenging to to each individual's level. Doing the courses encourages you to get your instruments out and play them at a time currently when it can be hard to get motivated to do anything. Let me help motivate you.


Choral Course - Traditonal Songs from Lincolnshire 
Starts 2nd March at 7pm for 4 weeks. 

I am totally in love with traditional song. I have done many song workshops, live, using harmony and have run my own choir. I have many traditional folk song books. I would like to begin working my way through them sharing with you my own three and four part arrangements. We'll start with some songs collected by Percy Grainger. All parts are supplied on. score and in MP3 form. You can sing one chosen part or all of them. The sessions are fun and the sound you create will be fabulous as I will do a mix of our ensemble songs. Our voices are not being used as frequently as they were so having a minimum of a weekly sing is good exercise, releases endorphins and helps us feel better about the world.

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