Freyamusic Consultancy and Workshops

Coming up from mid October to the end of the year three more instrumental workshops and two choral workshops (featuring polyphonic winter carols from Sheffield Derbyshire and beyond): All courses are for a £40 minimum donation for four weeks. They take place via zoom and yes - you do get to hear the others play/sing Jo will tell you how it all works. Email for further details. For ensembles any instruments are invited and MP3's are provided as well as PDF's of the music so you do not have to be able to read music to engage but if you need it it is provided. (Transpositions can be provided too). Similarly MP3's and PDF's are provided for all parts in the Choral groups. 

Ensemble 7 - Latest Old Swan Band repertoire 

Begins Tuesday 20th October 7pm 4 weeks 

The Old Swan Band are now 46 years old and last year released their latest album "Fortyfived' a rollicking set of tunes played in the bands inimitable English toe tapping exuberant style. But significantly they have a way of harvesting fabulous tunes from all over. You will work on at least four tunes, talk abut arrangement, repertoire and feel, become part of an arrangement and leave with a lightness of spirit that this music invokes. 

Ensemble 8 - Early Blowzabella Part 2 (This is a repeat of the one just completing) 

Begins Thursday  22nd October 7pm 4 weeks 

You do not have to have done part one to have done part 2. This is just a fabulous set of tunes form the 'In Colour' period of the band. You will work on at least four tunes, talk abut arrangement and feel, become part of an arrangement, development and much more. Qoute from latest course. The major, minor and modal nature of this repertoire, plus the pulse f the different dance styles is always fascinating and fun to play" I found this really uplifting and was astounded at the quality of arrangement we were able to produce working in this way. Highly recommended" 

Choral Choir Course 9 and 10 - Winter Carols from Yorkshire, Derbyshire and beyond. 4 weeks followed by a further 4 weeks for the second course. You do not have to have done the first to do the second. 

Course 9 starts 26th October 7pm for 4 weeks 

Course 10 starts 23rd November for 4 weeks 

Many of these carols are in four parts and if not, then three parts.  They are sublime musically often Handelesque in the way the parts move against each other and yet they were sung by the common people in pubs.. Still little known in the main world these carols transcend the common carols that we know so well and dare I say it...are often better. All parts will be provided aurally and on PDF scores and, for those who are willing, group mixes will be made where your voices are added to the final recordings to create our actual choir...then you have something seasonal to share with friends and family and teach others should you so wish. 

(Please note I am planning an on-line carol concert where we will sing these on Monday 21st Dec. You would be invited to be part of that. 

Course 11 Blowzabella Early years Part 3 - Tunes from around The Bobbity Shooty era of the band. (You do not have to have done parts 1 or 2 to do part 3. All music is unique to each course.)

Course 11 starts Thursday 19th Nov for four weeks

Great tunes to play and get your teeth into how we, as our unique ensemble can make them sound good. See ensemble 8 above for further details.


Freyamusic Consultancy and Workshops offers the following:

  • Mentoring of musicians and singers
  • Helping bands with arrangement
  • Bepsoke music residential courses
  • Record production
  • Advice for bands and individuals involved in folk music
  • Music creation and composing for others
  • Guest programming
  • Guest radio presentation