Freyamusic Consultancy and Workshops


Choral Course - Working Songs from the tradition Ens 18
Begins Monday June 7th for 4 weeks
Minimum donation £40  

A fabulous chance for you to look at some work related songs and there are so many of them whether they be The Jute Mill Song, Ploughboy, Dirty Black Leg minor ..or all the others you may or may not have heard of. I will pick for for their contrast, words and lovely, interesting tunes. These are arranged by me, like the Lincolnshire folk song course in 3 or 4 part harmony. 
All are welcome.
Email me to register on (I already have several booked so let me know as soon as you can) .


Blowzabella 'Vanilla' album Instrumental ensemble
Starting Thursday 10th June for 4 weeks 
Minimum donation £40 

I'll pick some great tunes off the seminal album 'Vanilla' and we'll work up arrangements for our own unique sounding ensemble that will reflect whatever combination of instruments we end up with. 
All instruments welcome. The tunes are great and so will you be. We learn them slowly together, I make suggestions for arrangements and chords and you contribute your own ideas. These are fun and you end up with a. great mix os sound on th MP3's to listen to and share if you want. 
Email me to register at


Choral Course - Non Christmas Carol and related folk song Ens 16  
Begins 5th April  (Easter Monday) 7pm for 4 weeks  
Minimum donation £40  

The content for this will feature songs that are carols, or related to carols (like Leaves of life) but feature in other points of the year. 
It seems appropriate to begin this around the feast that is Easter.  
The songs will be in 4 or 3 part harmony. All welcome  


Blowzabella 'A Richer Dust' material Instrumental ensemble 17   
Begins Wednesday 21st April 7pm for 4 weeks.  
Minimum donation £40  

This will feature some wonderful tunes from Blowzabella's album 'A Richer Dust'. This is a change to revisit or learn some classics form the band's repertoire and work together, in the ensemble, to create our own arrangements. All instruments welcome.


Choral Course - Traditonal Songs from Lincolnshire 
Starts 2nd March at 7pm for 4 weeks. 

I am totally in love with traditional song. I have done many song workshops, live, using harmony and have run my own choir. I have many traditional folk song books. I would like to begin working my way through them sharing with you my own three and four part arrangements. We'll start with some songs collected by Percy Grainger. All parts are supplied on. score and in MP3 form. You can sing one chosen part or all of them. The sessions are fun and the sound you create will be fabulous as I will do a mix of our ensemble songs. Our voices are not being used as frequently as they were so having a minimum of a weekly sing is good exercise, releases endorphins and helps us feel better about the world.


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