The ‘Wall of Sound’ that was and is Blowzabella marches on. The best way to get all the gen on the band is to go to which will keep you up to date.
Here I will answer some of the questions I have been asked over the years:
How does it feel being the only woman in Blowzabella?
When I toured with the band solidly and extensively for four years it had it’s difficulties. I would say I was lonely from time to time. We had decided that the best way to proceed was to treat me the same as any other member of the band. In hindsight we realised you can’t do that I am different. Some of that is purely on a practical level I don’t like loo stops at the side of the road...male banter isn’t always inclusive etc etc
It had it’s funny sides year, due to the way accommodation was always booked I slept with one member of the band more often than he slept with his wife..and yes I do mean sleep.
Musically it made little difference except perhaps that I wasn’t good at pushing myself forward in comparison to other members of my life.
But the early years were for all that utterly fantastic with many, many happy memories and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.
These days we are all more easy going and more able to hold our own...if you see what I mean. It’s a great musical enterty and involves some of the strongest and long lasting friendships of my life. It’s lovely to be in a band where certain sounds or tunes can make me cry....from pleasure of course and that’s lovely when your part of it.

From time to time I’ll stick a Blowzabella story in here to augment the web site mentioned above.