Moirai  ( pronounced “More eye”)
Here we have three women who manage to create an orchestra and a choir of sounds and yet there are still only three of them. Throw away your preconceptions about what constitutes folk music and open your minds to a colourful pallet of sounds and song. This will take you on a rollercoaster ride through beautiful traditional tunes, haunting and buoyant compositions and songs that will pluck your heartstrings as well as have you holding your sides to prevent bursting with laughter. Many bands can do beautiful music, many bands can do comedy, many focus on instrumentals others on their vocals, here you get it all in one tight but fluid package that will have you feeling so good you won’t feel the need to finish off the Christmas chocolate.
They are Melanie Biggs (From Cookley) , Sarah Matthews and Jo Freya, and between them you get accordion, flute, fiddle, viola, guitar, traditional whistles, soprano and tenor sax, clarinet and bass clarinet and … three voices. Many colours in a small prism.

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